How to exchange Bitcoin for PayPal

Buying and selling bitcoin via Paypal is not easy. This service provides exchanges with stringent conditions, so there are not many platforms that allow you to exchange Bitcoin through the PayPal payment system. In addition, many available methods entail high fees, up to 10%, and the limit remains low. Today we will take a look at one of the best ways to exchange bitcoin for PayPal — HiRiBi service.

What is HiRiBi?

HiRiBi is a popular bitcoin exchange. The service positions itself as the most profitable exchange that allows you to sell bitcoins at the best exchange rate on the market.

The service monitors 20 major trading platforms and selects the most profitable exchange rate for selling bitcoin. At the same time, if you buy BTC, the rate offered will be low. The service allows you to earn money by buying and selling bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies for PayPal dollars.


  • Quick and easy way to exchange cryptocurrency;
  • HiRiBi supports PayPal, a rare payment system for exchanges to support;
  • Discounts and bonuses. All users receive a bonus of $799 for selling 1 BTC at the current exchange rate. The amount depends on the bitcoin exchange rate: the higher the rate,the greater the bonus. You can sell Bitcoin for any amount: even for $1;
  • There is a profitable affiliate program. You will receive 2% from every exchange by your referral.
  • Support quickly solves problems and helps in case of disputes. Support responds via email.

Previously, users could exchange more Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin and the payment systems Webmoney, Perfect Money, SOFORT and CASH, but now the platform has focused only on one direction of exchange: BTC — PayPal. Bitcoin is the most popular crypto asset in the world, and the PayPal payment system is the most popular for fiat currencies. By combining them, the service meets the needs of most users, which can also be considered an advantage.

How to buy and sell bitcoin online via HiRiBi exchange

It is quite easy to do. One of the main advantages of the service is the ability to exchange without registration. There are only four simple steps to make an exchange:

Step 1. Check the exchange rate. The service regularly monitors large crypto exchanges, so that users can get a favorable rate for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Step 2. Enter the number of bitcoins or dollars that you are going to buy/sell, and also specify your email address used to register in the PayPal system.

Step 3. Enter the PayPal address that the payment will be sent to. Be careful when entering data. All payments are processed automatically.

Step 4. Send bitcoins to the specified wallet address. Money will be transferred to PayPal automatically after 3 confirmations in the Bitcoin network. This usually takes about an hour. But it all depends on various factors:

  • Fees. If you use light online wallets, the fee is fixed. Desktop wallets allow you to set your own fee. If it is set too low, the transaction may take anywhere from 2 to 12 hours.
  • The load on the blockchain network. With a high load on the network, fees increase, and transactions take longer to be confirmed.

Below the form, you can track the transaction status by entering the Tx Id. The process is similar if you buy a cryptocurrency. But in this case, you will not have to wait for confirmation, because transfers via PayPal are instantaneous. Immediately after payment, BTC will be sent to your wallet address.


PayPal does not support the cryptocurrency sector and does not make any efforts to develop the digital economy. There is a logical explanation for this: in fact, blockchain assets act as the main competitor of the payment system. Therefore, you can exchange cryptocurrency in this way only with the help of special services like HiRiBi.

If you are interested in exchanging BTC via PayPal at a good rate, then pay attention to the HiRiBi crypto exchange. You can also join a profitable affiliate program and earn money by inviting new members.

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